"horses are such majestic creatures!"



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Incubus | The Warmth

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the eye by (fPat)

the eye by (fPat)

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Guess who just bought these for Friday night for only $75 total as of 5 minutes ago?

Guess who just bought these for Friday night for only $75 total as of 5 minutes ago?

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Former Packers safety Nick Collins announces retirement 

Forever bummed that such a gifted player had his career ended so early. He was on track to be one of the greats. At least he got a Super Bowl ring.

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Breaking Benjamin - New album teaser (8/19)

They’re baaaaaack….

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"So don’t let the world bring you down. Not everyone here is that fucked up and cold. Remember why you came and why you’re alive. Experience the warmth before you grow old."

Incubus - The warmth

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do you ever just want to hold someone in your arms for about 37 years

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tinalikesbutts:OH NOWHATEVER SHALL I DOThere’s no way in hell I’d press that button.




There’s no way in hell I’d press that button.

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Meteor shower time lapse 2/? (x)

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Olympus Mons
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Anonymous said: But breasts ARE sexual organs? They release oxytocin when stimulated, that makes them sexual.




ive had to deal w this argument before ok listen here

boobs do the oxytocin thing when theyre stimulated yes, nipples are an erogenous zone. Men’s nipples do this too. Now read over those two sentences and let the double standard dawn on you okay? Think about it if both kinds of nips release oxytocin when you do the touch touch on them, why is only one kind of nip considered a sexual nip? sexism that’s why

it’s ridiculous and technically makes a dude’s nipples more inappropriate than a lady’s nipples because boy nipples serve virtually no other purpose than to be stimulated by temperature change or by sexual activity, while girl nipples serve the added purpose of oh you know, feeding babies no big deal

but nah man nah both can be aroused so both nips are sexual or no nips are so make up your mind

you know where else is an erogenous zone?? ears. Are you wearing an ear bra/?? Why the fuck arent you wearing your fucking ear bra you trash put on yoourfucking ear bra youre not allowed to show your fucking ears thats so inappropriate and its makinng me horny its distracting me from my school work youre not following the dresscode wear your fucking ear bra yo ufucking

You just sound stupid. Like if there is no difference why are girls’ bigger than guys’? Because they are sexual. Deal with it.

the production of estreogen in female bodied people encourages the development of breast tissue, which is to do with hormones, not sex. From an evolutionary standpoint it’s often presumed that female breasts are larger in order to make feeding infants milk more convenient, not because they are sexual

let me just take your weak as hell argument and place it gently in the trash where it belongs

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